Timber Cruising and Woodlot Valuation

Timber cruising is the process of taking an inventory of the forest. The first step is separating the forest into compartments or stands which is made up of a grouping of trees of similar species. These stands of similar species are then cruised where a tally of species is kept by size class and quality. Regeneration is also noted as well as other values in the forest.

The cruise data forms the basis of information needed for forest management planning. It is also used for valuation of the forest in the event a harvest or resale is planned. An inventory of species by size and quality class can be used to determine volumes by product and specie for the woodlot valuation.

D.F. Johnson & Associates will cruise the forest and assess the value regardless how small or large. We will provide an estimate of inventory by species and products and assist in meeting the goals and objectives of the landowner.