Forest Management Planning

Forest Management Planning can be specifically tailored to the goals and objectives of the land owner, or it can be general taking a balanced approach for all values in the Forest.

Many forest owners are interested in knowing what type of values they have in terms of timber for income, wildlife values, environmental value or recreation value. Forest Management Planning all starts with taking an inventory of the trees in the forest and other values at the same time. Usually a plan is written to recommend potential activity in the forest over a 20 year period.

If a harvest is recommended, silvicultural prescriptions are written to manage the forest on a sustainable basis. The cost of logging and values of the products harvested are also estimated. Management objectives are always directed towards establishing and maintaining a healthy forest.

D.F. Johnson & Associates has been writing Forest Management Plans for both large and small forests with a goal of meeting the needs of the landowner and the forest, both for the short and the long term.