FSC Chain of Custody and Forest Management Preparation for Certification

Chain of custody is the path taken by raw materials, processed materials and products, from a certified forest to the consumer, including all stages of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution.

D.F. Johnson & Associates provides companies with all of the necessary tools and information in order to prepare for Chain of Custody certification. Chain of custody and controlled wood documents are prepared and a risk assessment is carried out.

We have prepared many Companies in the Forest Products Sector for FSC Chain of Custody Certification and specialize in making the process an easy transition.

Forest Management Certification can be carried out for both large and small forested lands. In response to the growing concern surrounding forest sustainability the concept of forest certification arose. It is a process for certifying forest management practices to a pre-determined set of standards which define sustainable forest management.

D.F. Johnson & Associates provides land owners and land managers with all of the necessary tools and information in order to prepare for Forest Management Certification. We ensure that forest owners, practitioners, and operators comply with established and accepted management standards set out by the 10 principals of Forest Stewardship.

We have assisted both large and small land owners, both private and public, in achieving FSC Forest Certification for both individual and group certificates